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"She demonstrated the ability to remove herself from in between the music and the audience, serving as a vehicle for the music." 

The Union Leader, Manchester, NH

"Doing Bach to perfection requires a sensitivity to the many different emotional states of the music ~ carefreeness, grandeur, sadness, hope ~ all understood and achieved by the artist."

The Union Leader, Manchester, NH

-The American Organist Magazine

“Although written for the pedal piano, the canons were performed on the church’s sweet organ by virtuoso organist, Beth Zucchino. As always, she thoroughly researched the program, and played with precise finger-and foot-work. Her playing emphasized the canonic attributes of the pieces with tenderness and delicacy, while delivering the emotive power which Schumann assigned to them.” 

Jane Nielson & Dee Cope, Sonoma County Gazette



A native of upstate New York, Beth Zucchino holds a bachelor of science degree in music education from Syracuse University and a master of music degree in organ performance from Binghamton University. From 1968 to 1979, she was an organist and choir director, primarily in Episcopal churches, and a private piano and organ teacher. 


Ms. Zucchino, a resident of California since 1980, was a free-lance organist, harpsichordist, and pianist in both the Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay areas, touring extensively as a concert organist in the United States, as well as performing one and two keyboard works with Philip Manwell, and chamber music with Gruppo d’Amici. 


She is the founder and director emerita of Concert Artist Cooperative, an international association of soloists and ensembles which has been advertising together for 33 years, as well as the founder and director of Creative Arts Series, a diverse and embracing northern California based outreach for all ages and abilities with a primary focus on the organ and its literature, presenting events for 11 seasons. 


From 2014 through 2017 Beth was dean of the Redwood Empire American Guild of Organists ~ Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Lake Counties ~ saving the chapter from acquisition or dissolution.  


Residing on Jacob's Jamboree mini farm in Sebastopol she extended her peaceful country environment to visitors from around the world for from 2001 to 2021, personally and professionally.

“The performing artist captured these concise rich gems using well-chosen stops and articulation with silent pauses between each miniature so that one could be ‘digested’ before moving onto the next. These seldom heard delicacies (Boëly) were a treat for this holiday season and especially fitting for a day when the USA was stunned by an elementary school tragedy (Newtown, CT).” 

Harold Julander, Classical Sonoma

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